Islamic philosophy emphasises that education must be for the holistic development of the individual and of society.  At Hujjat Primary school, we also recognise the National Curriculum as the national benchmark for excellence in all schools.  

Our commitment to outstanding academic achievement will therefore go hand-in-hand with the nurture of values, which underpin the development of good character. 

The learning journey, led and developed by our appointed headteacher, will grow mind, body and character through:

  • A broad, balanced, vibrant and inclusive core curriculum that fosters curiosity and outstanding academic achievement.
  • Experiential teaching, enrichment activities that are a feast for the senses, and focused time on health, hygiene, nutrition, personal and social skills.
  • A values curriculum through which we will develop the virtues of good character, enabling our pupils to apply their knowledge and turn it into action for the benefit of our school and the wider community. 

Hujjat Primary will embody high expectations, high standards, and enable children to engage with local, national and international initiatives which will reflect the diversity in our community, both within and outside the school.